Monday, April 2, 2012

Ashton Kutcher Snags Justin Bieber's Hoped-For Mansion

Celebrities owning lavish homes in the Hollywood, CA area is no surprise, but it may have been a bit of a shock to Justin Bieber that one of those homes was not available to him.

The Biebs and Hollywood funny-man Ashton Kutcher are said to have both been vying for the same pad - with the former "That 70s Show" star winning out.

According to a report from TMZ, Ashton had been renting the sprawling abode for a reported $50,000 a month since his December split with Demi Moore, but now he’s planning on keeping the place.

Before Kutcher plopped down an undisclosed amount cash for his new bachelor pad, it was reported that Bieber was planning on forking over $10.8 million for the Hollywood hills residence as a birthday gift to himself.

The “What Happens In Vegas” star’s new mansion was completed in 2007 and is described as “two glass and steel boxes that are perched in and cantilevered from a series of exposed poured concrete walls.”

The home also boasts amazing views of Lake Hollywood.

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