Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carrie Underwood Talks Music & Marriage with Vegas Magazine

With her new album "Blown Away" due to be released on May 1st, Carrie Underwood added to her early promotions by taking over the cover of the April/May 2012 issue of Vegas magazine.

The 29-year-old actress looked cute and colorful in a Theia laser-cut dress with David Yurman jewels and Christian Siriano yellow strappy toe sandals for the Robert Ascroft shot front page while chatting with the publication about her fourth studio album, her new single and her loving husband, Mike Fisher.

Highlights from Miss Underwood's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Vegas!

On her favorite Vegas activity:
“There are some really fabulous places to eat there. We always go out to eat when we’re in town. I love Lakeside at Wynn—Mr. Wynn is a vegan so they have a lot of stuff on the menu that I can eat. I know where the Whole Foods is there, too. If we’re not eating out, I’m making my own food. I will never order room service—it weirds me out!”

On her fourth compilation being a big change from her first three:
“I’ve always been known for power ballads, and there’s not really that at all in the album. I honestly think it’s just because the album kind of makes itself. We’ll look at the end and think what could we use more of, but it is what it is. I don’t think, Oh, I need this power ballad. If you can’t find a song like that, you don’t force it. I have one song that’s so beautiful and so moving but it’s so quiet. It’s a story, and you really listen to it—I’m not trying to impress people with what I can do. I’ve done enough by now that I don’t have to sing to the moon with every single song.”

On the meaning behind her new single, 'Good Girl':
“‘Good Girl’ is about that girl that you know or you have been—I know and I have been this girl before—and she’s got stars in her eyes and the guy isn’t good enough for her and doing Lord knows what behind her back, and she thinks the world of him. Love is blind, right? So she doesn’t see him for what he is. And I’m the one trying to talk some sense into her: ‘What is wrong with you? You’re awesome, and you’re with…that?’ It’s really rocking—it’s definitely a foot-tapper.”

On spending time with her husband, Mike Fisher:
“We see each other as much as we can, but he’s not one for road life. He can’t really sleep on the bus. You can’t have a giant bed in the back, so I’m like, ‘You’re touching me! Go away. What are you doing? Scoot over!’ He gets bored. I think if he ever comes out with us on tour for any length of time, I’m going to have to find him something to do!”

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